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Prof. Dr. Mike Chan with Dr. Volodmyr Chernykh holding the signed MoA together with the EWAA educators.

Collaborate to Elevate the Global Beauty & Wellness Industry

(SELANGOR, Malaysia, June 28, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy (EWAA) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the School of Professional, Executive Education and Development and Asia e University, which has presence and accredited certification recognized across 34 Asian countries, to launch the Wellness Beautypreneurship program that is aimed at enhancing the scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of beauticians, estheticians and therapists around the globe.

This project is the brainchild of both Prof Dato Sri' Dr Mike Chan and Prof Dato Sri' Dr Michelle Wong who are the Founders of the European Wellness Biomedical Group. The academic team that drives this initiative is headed by the EWAA Head of School, Dr. Volodmyr Chernykh assisted by a team of European medical doctors and Chief Trainers Dr. Bawani Nesamany and Mr. Joel See. The course syllabus is developed by medical doctors and the programs are deployed via a flexible e-learning platform to ensure easy access to learners without disrupting their full-time careers.

Learners with no industrial experience can begin with the Foundation in Wellness Beautypreneurship which is an intensive 2 week hands-on program that will impart the essential skills needed to operate a mobile spa, while practitioners with working experience or CIDESCO or CIBTAC diploma holders can progress directly to the 3-month Certified Professional in Wellness Beautypreneurship program comprises of 16 core modules that cover key entrepreneurial elements and scientific components. The 5-month Certified Master in Wellness Beautypreneurship program has 5 levels completed over 150 practicum hours where veteran estheticians focus on specific area of interest in their field of practice and research on viable treatment solutions for their clients.

European Wellness Aesthetic Academy

The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy is the Swiss educational arm of the European Wellness Biomedical Group which is renowned for its pioneering developments in precursor/progenitor stem cell therapeutics, as well as its biomedical and scientific knowledge in anti-aging, aesthetics and disease management. It also collaborates with the European Wellness Academy, which offers post-graduate continuous biomedical education programs to physicians in more than 70 countries to date for more than 3 decades.


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Source: European Wellness Biomedical Group

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