[AsiaNet] Luozhuang District: Rich Heritage and Timeless Tradition

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-- Exploring Art of Huangshan Wicker Weaving

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LINYI, China Nov 28, 2023 /AsiaNet=연합뉴스/-- Wickerwork is the "root and soul" of the Huangshan Culture of Luozhuang District, Linyi, Shandong.

The art of Huangshan wicker weaving has been passed down for thousands of years, carrying a deep and ancient charm. As early as the 1970s, skilled artisans from Luozhuang District utilized advanced techniques such as "jing bian" (warping), "li bian" (weaving), and "ning bian" (twisting) to export wickerwork crafts to the international market, pioneering a new path for the development of the wickerwork industry.

The Huangshan wickerwork in Luozhuang District is a representative intangible cultural heritage project at the municipal level, akin to aged wine that grows more renowned with time. Tradition entails both inheritance and innovation. To bolster the wickerwork industry, Luozhuang District has prioritized the well-being of businesses and citizens by establishing a flagship, citizen-centered service center accommodating 108 government service items, including administrative reviews and approvals, aimed at enhancing and elevating the business environment. Embracing ecotourism as a platform, the district has established a labor education and research base, along with a wickerwork experiential site, expanding the Huangshan wickerwork industry from mere product sales to educational tours. Leveraging "Internet+" as a tool, it has revolutionized marketing methods, expanded into e-commerce, and cultivated new economic growth points in Luozhuang. Driven by the development of four industrial parks, the district aims to build a renowned business and trade zone, enhancing the scale, strength, and quality of the four leading industries, including wickerwork, while nurturing over 300 enterprises and employing over 10,000 individuals.

Source: Government of Luozhuang District, Linyi

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