[PRNewswire] Dongying's State Grid Leads the Charge in Sustainable Energy

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Tangy Solar's 500 MW fishery-photovoltaic complementary project in Hekou District's Blue Economic Development Zone, Dongying.

-- Setting New Standards in Hekou District's Low-Carbon Evolution

DONGYING, China Sept 30, 2023 /PRNewswire=연합뉴스/-- The recent advancements of State Grid Dongying Power Supply Company in renewable energy infrastructure development have taken the spotlight in a CCTV+ video segment.

In its latest green energy push, the state-owned power supplier has set ambitious renewable energy targets for the saline-alkali regions of the Yellow River Delta. Their holistic approach spans a spectrum of initiatives, from eco-friendly industrial energy parks and innovative aquaculture systems to efficient energy chains and circular farming methodologies.

Central to their strategic roadmap is their involvement in aquaponics, the creation of zero-carbon energy stations, and a pivotal role in the Yellow River Basin Science and Technology Yard-a hub bridging knowledge and practice to foster technological innovation and exchange.

Furthermore, the firm is investing in a big data platform that seamlessly melds intelligent agricultural techniques with optimized energy consumption, all while integrating state-of-the-art charging systems for electric farm machinery.

Ding Yufeng and Hu Zhiyong, maintenance specialists from the State Grid Dongying Power Supply Company, recently conducted an on-site inspection of the power station's operations.

These concerted efforts underscore the company's unwavering commitment to driving a clean, low-carbon energy shift and fostering rural revitalization.

Tangy Solar's 500 MW fishery-photovoltaic initiative stands out as a flagship project. Nestled in Dongying's northernmost Hekou District, the region is a hotspot for renewable energy resources. Boasting a 214-kilometer (133-mile) coastline facing north along the Bohai Sea and covering a vast expanse of 65,000 acres of saline mudflats, Hekou is geographically blessed. With its year-round steady winds and an impressive average of 2,715 sunshine hours, it's a prime location for such an ambitious endeavor.

"This project isn't just about using resources wisely-it's about maximizing the benefits. When you stack it up against regular sea farming, we're looking at returns that are over 30 times higher," remarked Chen Qi, the project's maintenance overseer. Qi exuded confidence in the project's future valuation.

For years, the State Grid Dongying Power Supply Company has strengthened its commitment to environmental stewardship. Standing firmly behind grid-connected renewable energy and the seamless transmission of clean power, the company has invested significantly in research and development. Their focus on low-carbon technologies, from the inception of grid construction to its daily operations, sets a noteworthy standard.

This dedication has established a balance between green grid development and ecological conservation, laying the groundwork for a greener China. Indeed, the pathway to a sustainable future is lined with eco-conscious, low-carbon strategies. As of August 2023, Dongying's renewable energy capacity has reached an impressive 5.945 gigawatts (GW), clinching the fifth spot in the Shandong province rankings.

As the city's renewable sector continues its ascent, it plays a crucial role in advancing China's dual-carbon objectives. Dongying's unwavering focus on clean energy and environmental preservation remains a beacon of its commitment.

Source: CCTV+

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