[PRNewswire] Xinhua Silk Road: Shanghai's consumer market development

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-- Bailian Group plays a crucial role in the development

BEIJING Sept 23, 2023 /PRNewswire=연합뉴스/ -- China's retailer giant, Shanghai Bailian (Group) Co., Ltd. has broadened its market presence through enhancing the commercial landmarks influence, optimizing consumer goods supply, and innovating business models.

In July 2021, Shanghai was selected as one of the first batch of international consumption center cities. As a commercial giant in Shanghai, Bailian Group has seized this strategic opportunity and made positive and quick respond. The company conducted deep engagement with May 5 Shopping Festivals, witnessing sales rising year by year.

It is learned that the shopping festival in 2023 coincided with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Bailian Group, the group invested a total of about 2 billion yuan in sales promotion resources during the festival.

In response to Shanghai's creation of new consumption spaces, Bailian Group actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of commercial entities, building two international consumption agglomeration areas in east and west of Shanghai.

In terms of new consumption landmarks construction, Bailian has made efforts from the commodity service side, integrating business with culture, art, tourism, sports, and exhibition, etc., thus creating characteristic small landmarks. For example, Bailian Group has cooperated with Shanghai Natural History Museum, combined with Guochao culture and through self-developed products, the two parties incubated a series of boutique stores.

Starting from this year, emporiums under Bailian Group have provided carriers for the debuts, exhibitions of well-known brands at home and abroad. A series of original marketing activities such as "Bailian Night" and "Sustainable Living Festival" and live broadcast sessions have been launched one after another, which continuously ignite consumer enthusiasm.

Bailian Group believes that consumption is a mirror that reflects the economic and social development of a city. In the background of digital transformation in Shanghai, the group opened up three major channels of online, mobile and offline, and reconstructed its business model emphasizing core elements of goods quality, shopping experience, and supply chain, thus building a brand new future-oriented digital business body.

Forging an international consumption center city is a strategic mission of Shanghai in China's "dual circulation" development, as well as a development opportunity for commercial enterprises in Shanghai. Represented by Bailian Group, with joint efforts of more commercial enterprises and entities, Shanghai's international consumption center city construction is becoming increasingly attractive to the world and injecting stronger impetus into regional development.

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Source: Xinhua Silk Road

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