[PRNewswire] Performance on the Move! GIGABYTE Introduces New AORUS 17,

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Performance on the Move! GIGABYTE Introduces New AORUS 17, AORUS 15 Gaming Laptops, and AERO 14 OLED Super-thin Creator Laptops

AORUS 15 Gaming Laptops, and AERO 14 OLED Super-thin Creator Laptops

(TAIPEI, Feb. 8, 2023 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) GIGABYTE today introduces the AORUS 17, AORUS 15, and AERO 14 OLED, a suite of new laptops optimized to provide power and mobility. The three new additions now join the flagship AORUS 17X, AORUS 15X, and AERO 16 OLED in GIGABYTE's 2023 laptop lineup, which was unveiled earlier at CES 2023. Boasting the latest cores from both Intel and NVIDIA in a sleek and portable design, the AORUS 17 and AORUS 15 [http://bit.ly/3ZNczll ] provide strong performance with max total graphics power (TGP) for enthusiasts who want to take their games on the go; while the AERO 14 OLED [http://bit.ly/3YzLwJ2 ] is tailored for creative minds, combining portability with a perfectly color-accurate display.

Carry Your Game with AORUS 17 & AORUS 15

Both AORUS 17 and AORUS 15 offer powerful gaming performance fueled by the Intel(R) 13th-gen i7 H series processors and NVIDIA GeForce(R) RTX™ 4070 laptop GPUs with full access to max 140W TGP with Dynamic Boost technology, all in a slender profile. These portable powerhouses feature the improved WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system that can handle up to 160W of thermal design power (TDP) to ensure optimal performance even when running at maximum capacity. As for the significantly upgraded display performance, blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rates at 1440p resolution enable a smooth and vibrant gaming experience. The gaming essence is reflected both in the device's internal power and the external design. The sleek enclosure is further accented with the mysterious spatial design and RGB Light Bar for a sophisticated gaming aesthetic.

Be Fast and Fabulous with AERO 14 OLED

The AERO 14 OLED is the latest iteration of GIGABYTE's ultra-slim-and-light laptop for creators. The beautifully compact design of the CNC-milled aluminum unibody chassis houses impressive performance, powered by Intel(R) Core i7-13700H processor and NVIDIA GeForce(R) RTX™ 4050 laptop GPU. The NVIDIA Studio platform boosts efficiency further with the creative apps, allowing users to unleash their creativity anywhere, anytime. The 2.8K OLED display delivers true-to-life visuals and perfect color accuracy thanks to X-Rite™ 2.0 Factory Calibration and Pantone(R) Validation. The OLED panel is also TUV Rheinland Eyesafe and SGS certified, ensuring that the display is comfortable to use with low blue light emissions while maintaining color performance and luminance.

For more detailed information, please visit: https://bit.ly/AORUS_AERO_VFLaptop


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