[AsiaNet] The Third Prunus Salicina Harvest Festival Kicked Off in Yingkou

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Dashiqiao City

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(DASHIQIAO, China, Aug. 13, 2022 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) On August 10, the 3rd Prunus Salicina Harvest Festival and Rural Revitalization Excellent and Special Agricultural Products Exhibition live conference of Yingkou Dashiqiao city opened in Dashiqiao City Business Incubation Base.

The unique natural conditions and geographical environment of Dashiqiao city breed high-quality agricultural and forestry resources. Prunus salicina is the special agricultural product, and it has become the new ID card of the city, famous for being rich in selenium. The Festival held for two consecutive years has attracted numerous merchants and made it a gala for showing the agricultural characteristics industries of Dashiqiao city, according to the Information Office of Dashiqiao city.

At the opening ceremony, representatives of six enterprises signed contracts with representatives of anchors to promote the combination of online and offline sales channels. The event had two sub-sessions. The first branch was located beside the old Prunus salicina tree in Zhoujia Town. An auction of the King of the Plum was held on-site, and the proceeds were used to support the public welfare undertakings of Dashiqiao. The other meeting was located in Xifenggou village Prunus salicina Characteristic Industry Demonstration Base, at which the signing ceremony of a Prunus salicina sales contract between a local agricultural cooperative and a trading company was held.

Dashiqiao city insists on boosting agriculture by building brands, and has already cultivated 24 national and provincial agricultural products brands, said ZhangYu, deputy mayor of Dashiqiao city. The brand of 'Dashiqiao Prunus salicina' is listed as National Geographical Indication product and one of the products of the agricultural products protection project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This speeds up the revitalization of the countryside, increasing the income and bringing wealth.

In recent years, Dashiqiao city has been awarded the national agricultural product quality safety county, the national rural innovation and entrepreneurship exemplary county, the pilot county of the national farmer cooperatives quality promotion within whole county, as well as the key county of provincial agricultural product quality safety traceability.

Source: The Information Office of Dashiqiao City

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