[PRNewswire] International Youth Day 2022: XCMG Apprentice Season 7 Brings

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Themed with "Time Travelers," the seventh season of XCMG's (SHE:000425) immersive experience and innovative education program, XCMG Apprentice, was held in five countries for the first time. (PRNewsfoto/XCMG)

Insights and Opportunities of Construction Machinery Industry

(XUZHOU, China, Aug. 12, 2022 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Themed with "Time Travelers," the seventh season of XCMG's (SHE:000425) immersive experience and innovative education program, XCMG Apprentice, was held in five countries for the first time. Young talents from China (Team Globe), Germany (Team Europe), Brazil (Team America), Thailand (Team Southeast Asia), and India (Team South Asia) joined the program to learn about XCMG as well as its people, products, technologies, industries and value chains in the two-weeks tour.

"XCMG hopes to join hands with more young people from around the world to explore engineering science and technology, and contribute to the global constructions and sustainable development," remarked Wang Min, chairman and CEO of XCMG.

The five teams presented reports about XCMG's strengths in R&D, construction, operation, marketing and intelligent manufacturing, unfolding XCMG's global roadmap and strategies to an international audience. The apprentices completed a comprehensive journey across XCMG's business sectors as well as XCMG Research Institute.

XCMG engineers set up a series of events and challenges for the five teams, including a session about XCMG Europe R&D Center's intelligent control systems, and the apprentices completed three challenging tasks: intelligent safety system identification that to operate two excavators to experience the difference between having the intelligent safety system, an intelligent ground system that controls and operates the system to complete tasks in a fixed area, and error-free handling of the intelligent loading and shovel system, which is set to complete soil load and unload of the fixed weights of 50kg and 100kg with the intelligent system.

At XCMG's soil mechanics laboratory in China, Priyasha Sharma, an apprentice from India, operated the JY20G2 multi-functional rescue vehicle and completed her challenge successfully under the guidance of XCMG technicians.

"The joystick is very well-designed with high operation precision, the cabin is very comfortable and overall design is ergonomic and human-centric," she said.

Team Europe's theme of the program was "R&D capabilities," and apprentices operated the 22-ton XCMG XE220E excavator equipped with the latest intelligent assistive technology, which greatly improved working efficiency and the apprentices were able to complete basis tasks like leveling and grading with just minutes of training.

Through the XCMG Apprentice program, the group is able to demonstrate the different sides of the industry pillars and anchor the future development of the construction machinery industry in unique and innovative ways.

As of now, XCMG has provided excellent products and services in 191 countries and regions, integrating export trade, overseas factories, cross-border mergers and acquisitions as well as global R&D. XCMG now has five R&D bases, 15 overseas manufacturing bases and KD factories as well as over 2,000 service points and 40 large-scale spare parts centers overseas.

For more information, please visit www.xcmg.com, or XCMG pages on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/XCMGGroup ], Twitter [https://twitter.com/xcmggroup ], YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/user/XCMGgroup ], LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/company/xcmg-imp-&-exp-co-ltd/ ] and Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/xcmggroup/ ].

Source: XCMG

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