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(PRNewsfoto/GAC MOTOR)

(GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 30, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) In recent weeks, the first hydrogen engine independently developed by GAC was successfully ignited, marking the entry of GAC Group technology into the zero-carbon emission era.

This exciting technology leap also demonstrates the strength of GAC MOTOR's commitment to new energy and a new era for the automobile industry.

Cutting Edge In-House Technology

The zero-carbon emissions engine was independently developed based on GAC's fourth-generation engine technology. GAC Group holds completely independent intellectual property rights to the technology.

Using core hydrogen engine technology as a foundation, GAC R&D Centers optimized the technology with a number of innovations.

These include the newly developed combustion chamber, which improves the mixing process of hydrogen and air, and improvements to the hydrogen supply system, which improves power density and reduces the risk of hydrogen leakage.

The new engine also boasts improved heat dissipation capacity, further minimizing combustion risks. By strengthening engine pistons, piston rings and connecting rods, heat dissipation has been improved in both the cylinder head and cylinder block, a seemingly small change that creates a big improvement in reliability and operation. The target thermal efficiency of this engine is expected to exceed 44%, a leading domestic standard.

Looking to a Greener Hydrogen Future

The stable operation and superior performance output of the GAC hydrogen engine is just one example of the many ways GAC MOTOR is moving towards the manufacturing of the future.

The GAC R&D Centers will continue to carry out thermodynamic calibration and mechanical development of the hydrogen engine, with the eventual aim of loading the entire whole vehicle.

GAC will also work collaboratively to promote industrial chains for hydrogen production, storage and hydrogenation processes. This means promoting the full use of renewable energy sources such as wind and hydropower, and improving the safety and quality of hydrogen storage.

Craftsmanship in the Detail

Technology innovation and Chinese craftsmanship are two of the core brand values that identify GAC MOTOR as a company.

Continually working away at engine technology, chipping away to improve every aspect of both engine technology and driver experience - this is what makes GAC MOTOR a cutting-edge automobile manufacturer.

With this exciting new leap in engine technology, we're excited to see how much more GAC MOTOR can do to improve the mobile lives of customers around the world.



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