[AsiaNet] The 2021 Shandong Conference on Tourism Development comes to a

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The opening ceremony of the 2021 Shandong Conference on Tourism Development

successful conclusion

AsiaNet 92016

(YANTAI, China, Sept. 30, 2021 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) The 2021 Shandong Conference on Tourism Development was successfully held in Yantai from September 22 to 24. The opening ceremony of the conference 'A Heartfelt Pledge of Love for Yantai', a large original cultural performance, was very impressive. The dream-like performance of 1,000 drones showcased the characteristic cultural elements of Yantai and brought a veritable wonderland to the skies. 22 national, provincial, and municipal media outlets, as well as Yantai TV, provided live streaming of the event, which was watched online by more than 17 million people, according to the People's Government of Yantai.

The performance

During the conference, in order to to fuel the development of the tourism industry with guidelines and policies, Shandong Province government released a series of documents, including Measures to Accelerate the Construction of Key Cultural Tourism Projects and to Facilitate Effective Investment.

One of the main activities of the Conference, the 2021 International Coastal Leisure Forum, was a discussion platform aimed at transforming Yantai into an fantastic coastal city. This forum employed measures such as establishing the only data center coastal leisure base in China backed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, releasing the Chinese Coastal Leisure City Competitiveness Report, naming the List of the Top 10 Livable Cities and the Top 10 Emerging Coastal Leisure Cities, and forming the Coastal City Tourism Alliance to spearhead the development of coastal cities. In addition, the conference staged four visiting projects with the theme All The Way To Yantai, the Coastal Wonderland and selected Chaoyang Street in Yantai Mountain as the focus neighborhood. Additionally, it also created two two-day tours on the theme Love for Traveling in Wonderland, integrating classic scenic spots, building new projects, and incorporating a spectacular night tour experience.

The organizers were intent on invigorating the city by organizing the event as seamlessly as possible, and by so doing, the conference was a cultural and tourism feast that highlighted the unique characteristics of Shandong, showcased the image of Yantai, embodied the spirit of the times, and promoted the fast pace of development. It was a truly impressive and exciting event, that clearly demonstrated the passion, hospitality, and openness of more than 7.1 million Yantai people. Standing at the forefront of China's reform and opening-up policy, Yantai impressed the world again as the core of the new growth drivers.


Next, Yantai will take the success of this event as a new starting point and fully capitalize on the influence of the conference. It will also implement the guiding principles by, for example, invoking the Municipal Committee's 1+233 working system and the 12335 central urban construction ideas, launching an in-depth three-year action program on the high-profile development of the cultural tourism industry, accelerating the creation of the cultural and tourism development industry chain, and speeding up the construction of a more dynamic city of culture and highe-profile tourism. It will achieve this by focusing on relevant projects to enhance growth drivers, creating better products to promote consumption in the sector, emphasizing the fusion of the overall industry, increasing marketing to improve the image of Yantai, and strengthening service delivery to upgrade quality all-round.

Source: The People's Government of Yantai

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2021 International Coastal Leisure Forum

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