[PRNewswire] Vinamilk in World's Top 10 Most Valuable Dairy Brands, Joining

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Vinamilk is listed among the top in 4 global Brand Finance rankings

Industry Aces in Multiple Categories

(HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 28, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company [https://www.vinamilk.com.vn/en/ ] (Vinamilk) has become one of the world's Most Valuable Dairy Brands with a brand value of US$ 2.4 billion according to the 2021 Brand Finance report. The company also ranked among top positions in three other global food and beverage rankings this year.

Brand Finance is the leading UK-based independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy. Each year, it evaluates 5,000 of the biggest global brands across 23 sectors and rates them based on various criteria.

This year, Vinamilk is ASEAN's sole representative that secured high positions in four Brand Finance rankings, including the world's most valuable dairy brands, the dairy brands with the most potential, and the strongest and most valuable food brand rankings.

The result highlights Vinamilk's growth potential and resilience amid challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic including the disruption of the global supply chain, drop in product demands, and altered consumption habits.

The company has also recently been placed 36th in the Plimsoll's 2021 Top 50 global dairy producers [https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/vinamilk-jumps-six-notches-among-global-top-50-leading-dairy-companies-318945.shtml#:~:text=With revenue of $2.6 billion,dairy producers by total sales. ] by sales revenue, becoming the only Southeast Asian company on the prestigious list.

Vinamilk continues to invest in its international standard farms to ensure the quality of raw milk used in producing domestic and export products

"After 45 years of continuous development, Vinamilk has reached remarkable position in the global rankings in terms of revenue and brand value. These accomplishments are a testament to our achievements and greatly reinforce our commitment to strive even harder, creating the most nutritious products for both domestic and international consumers and bringing Vietnamese dairy brand further in the global market," said Ms. Mai Kieu Lien, CEO of Vinamilk.

In addition to maintaining stable production and business, Vinamilk actively carries out community campaigns to promote healthy lifestyle and has stepped up in the fight against COVID-19. Vinamilk supported the country and the international community with financial funding, vaccine donations and more than 6 million products valued at an estimated US$ 4.2 million.

Vinamilk sustains growth momentum amid the pandemic

Vinamilk currently has 16 factories, 13 dairy farms worldwide and one large-scale dairy complex project in Laos which supplies more than 250 product SKUs. Amid the pandemic, Vinamilk has continued to maintain stable operation with notable growth in export volume. In the first half of 2021, the company's export value was estimated at US$ 121.5 million, boasting the double-digit growth rate of 13.1% compared to 2020.

In addition to expanding international reach and become one of the world's Top 30 leading dairy companies regarding sales revenue, Vinamilk constantly embraces international cooperation to raise its production capability both domestically and abroad.

Vinamilk has subsidiaries and joint ventures in the United States, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia, and most recently in the Philippines through a joint venture with Del Monte - Philippines's leading manufacturer and distributor of F&B products. In 2021, the company sets revenue target of US$ 2.7 billion, increase 4.1% year on year.

Vinamilk's state-of-the-art factory


Established in 1976, Vinamilk is the leading nutrition company in Vietnam, serving customers in 56 countries. With the mission of becoming an international brand in food and beverages sector and a trusted brand for consumers in nutritional and health products, Vinamilk is committed to providing high quality products with respect, love and responsibility for life and the community.

Source: Vinamilk

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