[AsiaNet] Official Launch of Chinese Agricultural Product Brand "Panzhihua

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(PANZHIHUA, China, Sept. 27, 2021 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) In recent days, the regional agricultural product public brand "Panzhihua Fruit" was officially launched. As the first of its kind based in the Chinese city of Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, the brand is the fruit of a tie-up between Panzhihua and JD.com, one of China's leading e-commerce enterprises. The brand aims to issue uniform "ID cards" for high-quality fruits such as mangos, pomegranates, loquats and cherries from Panzhihua, and enable "Panzhihua Fruit" to genuinely grow on a path of branded development, according to Panzhihua Municipal People's Government.

Located in southwestern China, the city of Panzhihua is Sichuan Province's only subtropical fruit production base and is noted for its extremely rare subtropical island-type multi-dimensional climate, with annual sunshine of 2,300 to 2,700 hours, an average temperature of 19-21 degrees centigrade and more than 300 frost-free days each year. Chinese National Geography once called Panzhihua "kingdom of tropical fruits in a dry-hot valley".

The unrivaled geography, climate and environment combine into fertile soil that yields "Panzhihua Fruit" of superb quality. Among them, mangoes are particularly renowned for the fine texture, minimal fibrousness and remarkable juiciness, as well as high nutritional value because of the abundance of contents like carotene, vitamin C, coarse fiber, amino acid and selenium. Panzhihua mangoes contain up to 14% to 23% soluble solids, about two to six percentage points higher than the same varieties grown elsewhere in China.

Superb quality is the outcome of dedication. Since the 1990s, Panzhihua has always persisted in a green agricultural development pathway, with minimal pesticides and chemical fertilizers utilized in fruit plantations, instead, relying on physical methods like protection bags, full-spectrum monitoring and solar-powered insect killer lamps to address pest issues. This commitment has been recognized by the European authority as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

This official launch of the "Panzhihua Fruit" brand signifies that the Panzhihua fruit industry has fully ushered in a phase of high-quality development marked by standardization, branding, marketization and digitization. By maximizing internet and digitization advantages of the partner e-commerce platforms, "Panzhihua Fruit" will be bolstered by digitized, scientific and standardized management throughout the entire process from picking, sorting, storage and logistics and delivery. This means that every "Panzhihua Fruit" is traceable and certified, and all products will possess identification and quality assurance, ensuring secure and healthy products for consumers.

In recent years, the fruits of Panzhihua have been sold abroad to more than ten nations and regions as far as the likes of Russia and Kazakhstan thanks to land and air transport corridors such as the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway. It is estimated that 500,000 tons of "Panzhihua Fruit" mangoes will be exported to countries and regions like Russia, Northeast Asia and Europe.

Great mouthfeel, very sweet, Russian families love Panzhihua mangoes!" Dennis, representative of Russia's SLC Group in China, remarked that the company had purchased Panzhihua mangoes for two straight years, and planned for this year to buy 2,000 tons of Keitt mangoes.

Source: Panzhihua Municipal People's Government

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