[PRNewswire] The GIGABYTE Complete Gaming Monitor Lineup Received High Praise

최정환 2021. 9. 17. 09:24
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GIGABYTE Complete Gaming Monitor Lineup Received High Praise for Stellar Performance

for Stellar Performance

(TAIPEI, Sept. 16, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) GIGABYTE, a leading motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, entered the gaming monitor market in 2019. Built on its decades of expertise in gaming hardware, along with high-standard quality control, today GIGABYTE has emerged as a serious contender in just 3 year by creating outstanding sales numbers across the globe. Models such as the FV43U and FO48U even set a record of being sold out on their first day of sale at Newegg. Following a dual branding approach, AORUS focuses on the premium gaming segment, featuring esports-grade specs and gamer-centric technologies to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts; whilst GIGABYTE offers durable and high-performance options for mainstream gamers.

The success of GIGABYTE gaming monitors has attracted attention from the gaming communities and tech media alike. Rtings.com, an influential review site known for their unbiased reviews tested several hot-selling models upon consumers' request and had high praise for their all-round performance. The 28-inch M28U was named the Best 4K Gaming Monitor for the new-gen game consoles with its rarely-seen HDMI 2.1 input, which can natively support 4K/120Hz for immersive gameplay. The M32Q was named the Best 32-inch USB-C Monitor for office use with plenty of connectivity options and the built-in KVM switch. The feature-rich monitor also delivers stellar picture quality and color performance suitable for both gaming and productivity. Finally, Rtings.com rated the M27Q as the Best Budget 1440p Gaming Monitor for its exceptional response time, low input lag, and high refresh rate.

GIGABYTE has recently launched a complete 4K gaming monitor lineup, ranging in sizes from 28-inch to 48-inch, for gamers ready to step into the next-gen gaming territory. All models are now on sale. For detailed product information, visit GIGABYTE's official website: https://www.gigabyte.com/Monitor


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