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최정환 2021. 9. 15. 15:42
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SMEs to accelerate their growth and international cooperation

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(GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 15, 2021 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) In the pavilion of the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, an international event for SMEs worldwide is preparing for the opening. The exhibition has an area of 80 thousand square meters, with 2500 standard booths. SMEs from over 30 countries and regions will participate in this grand event.

On September 14th, the 17th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) held a press conference in Guangzhou, China, to introduce preparations for the exhibition and invite international SMEs to participate. SMEs can share a new wave of China's development opportunities through this open cooperation and globalized exhibition.

According to the organizer, the 17th CISMEF will be held in Guangzhou, China, from September 16th to 19th. Against the backdrop of continuing international pandemic, this most substantial and influential international exhibition for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region will provide broad business opportunities for international SMEs. Exhibitors expect to actively reach new customers and make preparations for market expansion through this win-win platform, CISMEF.

Hellenic Agora, a wine company from Greece, has constantly participated in CISMEF for many years. The co-founder of Hellenic Agora, Liakos Constanions, believes CISMEF is a very good exhibition, and it can give opportunities for the companies to meet new customers, including B2B customers and B2C customers. He suggests that all the companies need to be ready to have the best appearance and the best exposure in a professional way.

While empowering SMEs to accelerate their growth, the international circle of CISMEF is also expanding. The overseas exhibition area of this CISMEF is about 10 thousand square meters, which has attracted companies from over 30 countries (regions or organizations) to participate such as Thailand, Germany, Japan. These companies include some Fortune 500 companies such as SAP in Germany and Philips in the Netherlands.

Since 2004, CISMEF has been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions. About 50 thousand companies have participated in it. The total number of visitors and buyers exceeds 3.72 million. It has received extensive attention and positive evaluation from governments, international organizations, and SMEs worldwide.

The most distinctive international feature of CISMEF is the co-hosted mechanism. Since 2005, CISMEF has been inviting 19 countries and international organizations to co-host the exhibition. This year, CISMEF will invite the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Thailand Commerce Department as the co-hosts. The exhibition area of Thailand is about 1600 square meters and there are over 50 enterprises to participate, among Kasikornbank, Bangkok Bank, Charoen Pokphand Group and other well-known Thai enterprises.

The commercial counselor from the Commercial Section of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Guangzhou says CISMEF is a platform for enterprises, particularly SMEs, to enter the Chinese market and promote their images. Through the exhibition, enterprises can build confidence among Chinese consumers and enhance their potential.

For more exhibition information, please visit the website http://www.cismef.com.cn/.

Source: China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair

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