[AsiaNet] Polyplastics Uses New Testing Method to Identify and Prevent Gas

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Burns during Injection Molding

AsiaNet 91620

(TOKYO, Sep. 14, 2021 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) Polyplastics Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, has identified several solutions to help processors limit the occurrence of gas burns during the injection molding process. The company used its Gas Investigation Method in Injection Molding (GIMIM) test method to analyze the phenomenon and help pose preventative measures.

(Image: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M100475/202109069686/_prw_PI1fl_27qUX9ew.jpeg)

Gases that are produced during molding have no place to escape and are compressed, thus resulting in a hot, burned resin surface which threatens continuous molding. First, the study examined gas resulting from energy loss at the time of injection. The nozzles of typical injection machines are comprised of a drastically contracted structure, and energy loss arises due to the shape. Potential solutions include lowering the injection speed, using multiple gates or cavities, and increasing the size of the gate and nozzle.

To prevent uneven thermal conduction within the injection barrel, the findings suggest avoiding injection machines that are excessively large relative to the molded articles, reduce cylinder temperature, and avoid mold-contact molding so that heat loss from the mold does not occur.

The GIMIM method also determined that vent clogging is caused by the workings of a complex relationship between the volumes of low boiling and high boiling substances, and the total volume of substances within decomposition gas. Corrective measures include lowering cylinder temperature and using a rag or similar object to frequently wipe away mold deposits that are lightly stuck to the gas vents.

Lastly, it was determined that the GIMIM testing method can verify the purging process. Until now, there was no method to verify the effects of the purging process other than visual confirmation after molding many shots of material. Since GIMIM can detect substances in units of ppm, it can be used to verify whether the purging process was conducted properly through only a small number of machine shots.

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