[AsiaNet] Enjoy the amazing grassland in north China's Ordos

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Visitors are having fun at the Ordos Grassland Tourism Zone.

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(ORDOS, China, Jan. 29, 2021 AsiaNet=아시아넷) It was a mid-autumn morning, with the bright sun and the weather as warm as spring. I drove to Ordos Grassland Tourism Zone, one of China's national 4A tourist attractions, to start a 2-day grassland tour.

Ordos Grassland Tourism Zone is located 9 kilometers southwest of Xini Town, Hangjin League, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China. The grassland covers an area of about 16,000 mu, whose core area has a Mongolian camp and a group of more than 300 yurts. The design is unique with an overall landscape resembling a flying eagle over the grassland.

The scenery, with the autumn grassland, clear sky, gentle sunshine and colorful forests, is like a huge oil painting spreading in front of us. Its majesty is indeed impressive.

One can enjoy an array of games on the grassland. After playing exciting go-karts, archery, international horse racing, horse riding, grass skiing and other events, we watched a thrilling acrobatic event. There are also trapeze artists, rings acrobatics, magic tricks and other amazing performances.

The autumn grassland looks like taking on a yellow outfit, whose color changes as the wind blows. Taking a tour on the grassland with all the beautiful view in sight is a worthy experience.

Featuring galloping horses, riders waving the whip and flashes of the knives, the actual horseback combat performance is sure to get your heart beating faster. The real-life equestrian drama Hero reproduces the grassland battlefield with smoke, warriors and horses. It will showcase the tenacious belief of the ancient grassland people in defending their homeland and their touching love for the place.

The song and dance drama Ordos Wedding, with its unique ethnic characteristics, rich life touches, melodious song and dance forms and grand scenes, focuses on displaying the regional customs and folk culture of the grassland, indicating the industrious, brave and intelligent Ordos Mongolian people's passion for a better life.

The unique prairie night bonfire party attracts many visitors to participate.

Ordos has always been a popular tourist destination with songs and dances.

The ancient Ruge Restaurant with gold lacquer and white tent is splendid in design, and rich in delicious mutton and other food, which offers a feast of Mongolian court elements.

Eating large pieces of meat and drinking with large bowls are the norm in grassland parties. Prairie songs are sounds of the nature, and almost everyone on the grassland can sing enchanting songs. Even if you can't drink, you may inadvertently pick up your glass while appreciating the majesty and enthusiasm of the grassland. "The grassland is beautiful at night, with the breeze gently blowing the green grass; cattle and sheep are like clouds on the border, and horse rides are so exciting that one might feel reluctant to return..." The cool wind on autumn night sweeps over the boundless grass waves, and the beautiful, intoxicating and touching lyrics, just like the grassland night, will touch your heartstrings again and again.

In the early morning of the following day, as soon as the golden autumn sun climbed to the top of the mountain, it scattered the bright sunlight on this leisurely grassland. In the melodious Mongolian long tune, or strolling in the picturesque scenery, or sitting on a rocking chair watching the grassland faraway, one can truly feel the beauty of the prairie and the harmony between man and nature. Being in such a state will definitely make people intoxicated and relaxed and happy! I think it must be beautiful all the year round.

Source: The Publicity Department of Ordos City

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