[PRNewswire] The 2nd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme Launches

최정환 2021. 1. 27. 15:20
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The 12 selected game start-ups of the 2nd GEPS showcase their designated original games in the "Online Hong Kong Pavilion" in the "Taipei Game Show 2021" from 28th to 31st January 2021.

the "Online Hong Kong Pavilion" in the "Taipei Game Show 2021"

-- 12 Selected Hong Kong Game Start-ups Promote Hong Kong Original Games to Global Market Amid COVID-19

(HONG KONG, Jan. 27, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) The 2nd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme organized by The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA) selected 12 Hong Kong game start-ups to receive holistic support, including the participation in "Taipei Game Show 2021" (Taipei Game Show) to be held from 28-31 January to promote their game products to global markets.

Due to the pandemic, HKDEA set up the "Online Hong Kong Pavilion" in Taipei Game Show thus the 12 game start-ups could still promote their games without attending in person. This provides them an opportunity to promote their games and Hong Kong's game culture to game developers and publishers from different countries and widen the business opportunities for Hong Kong's game industry.

Hong Kong's game industry has always been known for its diversity, creativity and international flavour. Besides targeting the local market with an annual turnover of about HKD7-billion, many Hong Kong-made games have also made successful forays into the markets abroad with excellent results.

Mr. Gabriel Pang, Chairman of HKDEA said, "We are glad to set up the 'Online Hong Kong Pavilion' in Taipei Game Show despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Pavilion, the original games of 12 excellent Hong Kong game start-ups will be introduced in a round-the-clock manner. We expect that these start-ups can have a fruitful cultural exchange online with their counterparts and meet the buyers and potential partners, while providing a first-hand experience of Hong Kong's original games to all exhibitors and visitors of the Game Show."

Taipei Game Show will be held from 28-31 January 2021.

Selected Game Start-ups Participating in "Online Hong Kong Pavilion"

Company Name - Game Name - Game's Type

Add Mission Workshop Limited - Kong-Fu Legends - Simulation/Role-playing

Anxious Otter Games Limited - Idle Dragon Tycoon - Simulation/Role-playing

Finifugu Games Limited - Otter Ocean - Simulation/Puzzle-video

Gameba Studio Limited - Micro Smash - Simulation/Role-playing

Genuine Studio Limited - Rainy Butcher - Adventure/Puzzle-video

Goblin Gamer Company Limited - Gate of Mobius - Action/Role-playing

Minidragon Limited - Dungeon Warriors - Action/e-Sports

Original Workshop Company Limited - Idle Hollywood Tycoon - Simulation/Puzzle-video

Paro Limited - Healing Spree - Simulation/Puzzle-video

Simplist Limited - Lilulu - Adventure/Puzzle-video

The Ore Studio Limited - Defense Force - Action/e-Sports

Trefle & Co. Limited - Dashero:Sword & Magic - Action/Adventure

More details: https://tgs.tca.org.tw/gamelinker/pavilion.php?p=a

Source: The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association

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