[PRNewswire] Pantum Launches New Global Elite Series of High-end Printers

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Pantum Launches New Global Elite Series of High-end Printers (PRNewsfoto/Pantum)

(MUMBAI, India, Jan. 18, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Pantum, a brand that develops, manufactures, and sells laser printers and toner cartridges around the world, has launched the Elite Series, which is a premium product series available globally consisting of six models that range from single to multi-function printers. Among the new series, the BP5100DN is the first to hit the markets, beginning in Russia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Followed by other countries and regions.

Pantum, as a diligent corporation, will continuously improve and optimize printer performance for a better user experience. With its unwavering focus on expanding its product portfolio to meet different market needs, Pantum's introduction of the Elite Series is significant for many reasons. Not only does it complete the higher-end segment of Pantum's portfolio, but it delivers additional values to partners. Moreover, it provides consumers with greater choice, meeting their diverse requirements.

As one of the fastest machines in Pantum's current A4 product line, the new BP5100DN/BP5100DW delivers the ultimate productivity and an unrivaled performance, with high-speed printing of 40 pages per minute (PPM) for A4 paper and 42 PPM for letter. The first page output is achieved in less than 6.9 seconds. Moreover, it offers incredible capacity with the maximum monthly print volume reaching 80,000 pages, boosted by a powerful 60-page multi-functional paper tray. Automatic duplex printing also enables users to save 50% of papers. The separate drum and toner are both environmentally and budget-friendly while a robust and durable metal frame structure provides reliable support for continuous printing.

The Elite Series' BP5100DN/BP5100DW models are also convenient to use, with Pantum's characteristic one-click driver installation technology enabling users to set them up with a single click of the button. Printing itself is easily executed and can be done on a cellphone, via the Pantum app, Air print, or Mopria. Plus, the models boast a silent mode to ensure a quiet and undisturbed work environment. As such, it is particularly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise work groups, and government users.

With a growing global sales network, Pantum is currently present in dozens of countries and regions around the world. With its new Elite Series kicking off in the New Year, Pantum looks to a promising 2021 as it seeks to deliver printing solutions to users that are richer than ever.

About Pantum

Founded in 2010, Pantum is a printer manufacturer, with its business covering printers, printing materials, and printing solutions and services. In 2011, Pantum began its overseas expansion with a current global footprint of dozens of countries. With its patented technology, Pantum is committed to meeting evolving printing needs by offering economical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient products as well as reliable printing solutions. Today, Pantum is now also bringing greater value to its customers through its cost-effective products and premium services.

For further information, please contact:


Chulpan Sadykova

Russian Sales Representative

Tel.: +7 987 2 975 973

E-mail: chulpan@pantum.com


Mr. Jack Hao

European Sales Manager

Mobile: +86 15916279793

Email: jack.hao@pantum.com


Mr. Aaron Zhao

Asia-Pacific Sales Manager

Mobile: +86 18928036307

Email: Aaron.zhao@pantum.com

North America

Mr. Kyan Liao

North America Sales Manager

Mobile: +86 13570615281

Email: kyan.liao@pantum.com

Source: Pantum

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