[PRNewswire] Ending 2020 with Momentum, Yutong Bus is Ready to Start 2021 Even

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(ZHENGZHOU, China, Jan. 7, 2021 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) With a total of 41,756 Yutong buses delivered to customers worldwide in 2020, Yutong Bus envisions the next chapter - 2021, with new expectations.

With 2021 starting, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (Yutong Bus, SHA: 600066) initiated a new year campaign, driving a positive vision for people to look ahead to 2021. The campaign achieved over 43 million impressions and attracted over 17 thousand people to join and share their wishes, leading everyone through the better parts of 2020 and reviewing Yutong Bus' achievements during this atypical year.

The unprecedented 2020 will definitely be a pivotal moment in history. Facing the pandemic, Yutong Bus took on its social responsibility in this global fight and spared no effort to carry out donation action worldwide. Since the outbreak, Yutong Bus sent epidemic resistant materials along with its integrated epidemic prevention experience to 85 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East, ultimately benefiting more than 10 million people and strengthening international bonds.

As the representative of Chinese enterprises, Yutong Bus also continued its progress in the field of intelligent technology, rising to the challenge with innovation. The company launched WITGO - the 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution that upgrades the transport system with big data, cloud computing and IoT. Yutong Bus successfully challenged the Guinness world record for driving the highest altitude electric bus on Mount Everest. The company also organized industrial seminars to promote the intelligent transformation.

While the industry was in a slump, Yutong Bus maintained a fast-growing global presence as it won clients' favor worldwide - 760 units were delivered to Kazakhstan, 130 units to Mexico as the world's largest order of dual-powered trolleybus, 102 units to Norway as the largest EV bus order in Europe and a 1.8 billion worth order of 1,002 units to Qatar, including 741 EV buses as the world's largest EV bus order.

With high-quality products, integrated solutions and all-around service, Yutong Bus is always devoted to providing a better public travel experience for people around the world. Adhering to the brand value of "better bus better life," Yutong Bus' focus is never limited to the bus product but the commitment to jointly create a greener, smarter and more efficient public transportation industry in the future.

Click for more Yutong Bus' highlight moments in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3MLuzoixxk

Source: Yutong Bus

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