There should be no exception before the law

2024. 5. 23. 19:59
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Regardless of the arrest warrant, the police must get to the bottom of the case.

Singer Kim Ho-joong will be grilled by a judge on Friday at the Seoul Central District Court over his drunk hit-and-run allegations to decide whether to detain him or not. The police on Wednesday requested an arrest warrant from the court for the popular trot singer on charges of drunk driving, hitting a car and fleeing the scene in the middle of the night two weeks ago. The police applied the strict Additional Punishment Act on Specific Crimes. The singer is also suspected of conspiring with his entertainment agency staff to destroy evidence and obstruct police investigations.

Many questions linger over the top singer’s incomprehensible behavior. Experts point out that Kim used every conceivable obstruction of justice to conceal his crime. Of course, entertainers can drink and drive by mistake. But if they commit a crime, they must regret and receive punishment according to the law.

But strangely, the singer just fled from the spot after hitting a car parked on the roadside. His manager even brought himself to the police wearing Kim’s clothes. Another staffer said he swallowed a memory chip from the black box of his car. If proven true, that constitutes the criminal act of interfering in the exercise of public duty and the destruction of evidence.

Kim kept insisting that he didn’t drink at all. He went to the police station to measure his blood alcohol level 17 hours after the accident. Shortly after the accident, he even bought some drinks at a convenient store to show he only drank after the accident. To his fans who gathered at his concert over the weekend, Kim nonchalantly said, “All truth will be found.” He admitted to his drunk driving after the National Forensic Service discovered evidence of alcohol in his urine.

If entertainers create a social stir, they are supposed to reflect on their behavior. That was the norm. It is also their obligation to repay the love they received from fans. But Kim pressed on with his concerts after being buoyed by support from his aficionados. He even requested the court delay its deliberation on issuing an arrest warrant so that he can hold a concert this evening. But the court rejected the request. In a statement to the court, the prosecution pointed to the gravity of the case involving methodical destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice.

Regardless of the arrest warrant, the police must get to the bottom of the case. For the obstruction of justice, the singer must pay the price. The law enforcement authorities also must find effective ways to prevent any possible schemes to confuse a sobriety test. The authorities must show there is no exception before the law.

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