Vivid Health secures seed investment from Kakao Ventures

2024. 3. 6. 12:30
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[Courtesy of Kakao Ventures]
Vivid Health, which operates an obesity treatment management platform, announced on Wednesday that it successfully secured seed investment from Kakao Ventures. The company has gained recognition for addressing the challenges faced by users before and after taking obesity medications in the rapidly growing obesity treatment market.

Vivid Health’s founders have collaborated on various healthcare products and services, ranging from foot rehabilitation robot Reflexo to asthma management platform SoomCare. The company particularly excels in building a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem and transformed SoomCare into South Korea’s largest asthma patient community.

With the company’s app due to officially launch in April 2024, Vivid Health aims to foster high-quality information sharing among users. The app is designed as a social diet platform tailored for those using obesity treatment medications, providing them with specialized information and allowing them to share their weight management journeys. Users can access reviews left by others regarding side effects, satisfaction levels, and effectiveness of appetite suppressants, GLP-1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide-1) class obesity medications, and more.

The app facilitates connections between users with similar gender, body mass index (BMI), and lifestyle patterns, enabling them to engage in collaborative efforts for exercise and diet management. Vivid Health plans to enhance the app further with features such as post-market medication side effects analysis and the collection of abnormal reaction data. This development aims to proactively detect safety issues that were unpredictable before the products’ market release, contributing to the establishment of a robust pharmacovigilance system.

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