CJ OliveNetworks partners with Qualcomm for 5G business

2024. 3. 6. 12:27
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[Courtesy oof CJ OliveNetworks Co.]
CJ OliveNetworks Co., the information technology services unit of South Korea’s CJ Group, will partner with Qualcomm Technologies Inc. to expand its 5G specialized network business, the company said on Wednesday.

Through the partnership, CJ OliveNetworks will aim to extend its e-um 5G business, a customized network designed to establish 5G connectivity in industrial settings.

As a 5G specialized network operator, CJ OliveNetworks has the capability to directly allocate frequencies and build 5G communication networks without relying on traditional telecom operators.

The company obtained approval from the Ministry of Science and ICT in August 2022 to operate as an e-um 5G provider.

Since then, CJ OliveNetworks has been actively pursuing projects in various industries such as smart logistics, manufacturing, public services, and entertainment.

With this collaboration, CJ OliveNetworks plans to combine its expertise in constructing specialized networks with Qualcomm’s technology-based devices, including PDAs, tablets, drones, cameras, and dongle USBs, which support 5G specialized networks.

The company anticipates providing stable support throughout the entire process, from e-um 5G-related consulting to design, construction, and operation.

CJ OliveNetworks envisions leveraging Qualcomm’s technology-based 5G specialized network devices to implement customized communication environments for its customers.

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