Popeyes unveils budget-friendly chicken sampler menu

2024. 3. 6. 12:18
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[Courtesy of Popeyes]
Global chicken brand Popeyes announced the launch of its ‘Awesome Chicken Platter,’ an affordable chicken set in the 8,000 won ($6) range, on Tuesday alongside a proof-of-purchase event to offer customers a chance to engage and share their experience with the new offering.

The highlight of the menu, the ‘Awesome Sampler Chicken Platter,’ presents the brand’s three key items - Signature Chicken, Cajun Spicy Wings, and Boneless Chicken Legs - for the attractive price of 8,900 won. Alongside the Awesome Sampler Chicken Platter, Popeyes added three additional options, the ‘Wing Platter,’ ‘Boneless Chicken Platter,’ and ‘Signature Chicken Platter,’ allowing customers to select chicken parts according to their preferences for an enjoyable dining experience.

The ‘Wing Platter’ features six pieces of Cajun Spicy Wings, complemented by a Coca-Cola (M) and Yuzu Chili sauce, for 8,700 won. The ‘Boneless Chicken Platter’ comprises four pieces of tender boneless chicken legs, served with Coca-Cola (M) and Yuzu Chili sauce.

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