UK Embassy launches first-ever 'Green Week' in Seoul

2024. 3. 5. 13:32
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The British Embassy in Seoul hosts its inaugural "Green Week" event in Seoul from Monday to Friday. (British Embassy in Seoul)

The UK Embassy in Seoul launched its first-ever "Green Week" event Monday, covering a range of environmental topics to enhance Korean-UK cooperation in combating the climate crisis, according to the embassy.

The inaugural event, which ends Friday, comes on the heels of the Downing Street Accord signed by the leaders of South Korea and the UK last November. The agreement underscores the commitment of both countries to collaborate in accelerating the green transition and combating climate change.

During the week, more than 20 programs will delve into "green" issues including renewable energy, nuclear energy, electric vehicles, sustainable business practices, and biodiversity conservation.

"The range of events taking place during Green Week demonstrate that there is huge scope for the UK and Korea to combine our complementary expertise and knowledge in sectors like offshore wind, nuclear and automotive to lead the charge on international efforts to transition to a greener future," said British Ambassador Colin Crooks.

The event acts as a dynamic platform bringing together Korean and British policymakers, academics, businesses, influencers, and students, facilitating collaboration and fostering knowledge exchange on green issues.

"With hundreds of participants learning from each other, exchanging ideas and signing up to tangible climate action during this week’s events, I hope that Green Week can act as fuel -- from renewable sources of course -- to inject momentum into our climate collaboration,” Crooks said.

Several events aimed at cultivating collaboration between UK and Korean businesses operating in sectors pivotal to both countries' net-zero transition will be organized, according to the embassy.

Offshore wind industry insiders will meet for the 4th Korea-UK Offshore Wind Industry Forum. Seven companies and organizations, including Innovate UK and the London Electric Vehicle Company, will showcase British electric vehicle and battery expertise at the UK Pavilion at the InterBattery exhibition in Seoul.

Senior UK government officials are currently in Seoul this week to spearhead enhanced cooperation between the British and Korean governments.

At the forefront is Jeremy Pocklington, the permanent secretary at the UK's Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, who will lead the British delegation in a pivotal high-level meeting with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to discuss the implementation of the Clean Energy Partnership.

Additionally, Pocklington is scheduled to engage in discussions with senior officials at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and hold meetings with key Korean industry players such as HD Hyundai, SK Oceanplant, Korea Hydro Nuclear Power, and Korea Electric Power Corp.

Srini Nagarajan, managing director for Asia at British International Investment, the UK’s primary development finance organization, is set to engage in discussions with representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and related organizations such as the Green Climate Fund and the Global Green Growth Institute.

The agenda will revolve around exploring avenues for collaboration between Korea and the UK to bolster the climate resilience of developing countries aligning with the objectives of the Korea-UK strategic development partnership.

By Ji Da-gyum(

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