Lotte Group streamlines irregular hiring program for new talent

2024. 3. 5. 12:18
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[Photo provided by Lotte Group]
Lotte Group has announced plans to regularize its irregular hiring process for new employees to enhance convenience for applicants. This move aims to address the fluctuating timelines associated with irregular hiring, providing a more systematic approach to talent acquisition.

On Monday, Lotte said that, starting this year, it will synchronize the recruitment schedules for new employees across its affiliated companies, conducting hiring processes simultaneously in March, June, September, and December.

This change is designed to eliminate the unpredictability often associated with irregular hiring periods and strengthen the company’s ability to secure top-tier talent.

As a result, beginning March 5, 10 Lotte Group subsidiaries, including Lotte Chemical, Lotte Biologics, and Lotte Hotel, will initiate their recruitment processes through Lotte Group’s integrated hiring portal.

Hiring on a rolling basis, while advantageous for promptly filling necessary positions, has drawbacks, particularly for job seekers who must constantly monitor sporadic job postings.

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