Emart24 joins hands with Shinan County for regional specialties distribution

2024. 3. 5. 11:57
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[Courtesy of Emart24]
Emart24 said on Tuesday that it has entered into a business agreement with Shinan County in South Jeolla Province, aiming to collaborate on the distribution of local specialties.

As part of this partnership, the convenience store chain will initially participate in the “Shinan World Kimbap Festa,” an event sponsored by Shinan County. The festival, first organized last year by the county to promote rice consumption and showcase local specialties, is scheduled to take place at the end of next month.

Emart24 plans to showcase differentiated kimbap products featuring local specialties produced in Shinan County, drawing inspiration from the winning entries of the Kimbap Festa. These new products are expected to be launched in the latter half of this year.

The convenience store chain sees this collaboration as an opportunity to introduce high-quality agricultural products, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to the promotion of agricultural consumption.

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