NCT Wish to approach listeners with easy-listening, bright songs

2024. 3. 4. 17:39
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NCT Wish holds a press conference to introduce its debut single, "Wish," in Seoul on Mon. (SM Entertainment)

NCT Wish, a Japan-based K-pop boy group of SM Entertainment, began promoting its debut single, "Wish," in Korea with a press conference in Seoul on Monday.

BoA took part in the event, introducing the group as she took part in producing them, from selecting the final members through an audition, to directing the group's singing and dance.

SM collaborated with the Japanese entertainment agency Avex Trax to introduce the six members through the “NCT Universe: Lastart” competition show which aired last year.

NCT Wish consists of two Korean members Sion and Jaehee, and four Japanese members Ryo, Riku, Yushi and Sakuya.

“NCT Wish will focus on releasing easy-listening songs that can easily grab the attention of many listeners. The songs will have a bright vibe but their performance will be just as energetic as other NCT units,” said BoA in introducing the group.

“They are going to be active both in Japan and Korea which reminds me of my old days when I used to work in both countries. I decided to take part in producing this group to introduce high-quality music and content that will help the group plan out their career in the long term.”

NCT Wish debuted at SM Entertainment’s all-star concert at the Tokyo Dome on Feb. 21 and released its debut single, “Wish,” on Feb 28.

“Our debut single is an old school hip-hop number that conveys bright energy with the addition of our mellow vocals and melody,” said Sion of NCT Wish.

“Our group’s goal is to enjoy what we do while also doing our best. With this in mind, we hope to become the rookies of the year in both Korea and Japan,” said Sion.

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