EV battery makers to unveil latest technologies

2024. 3. 4. 10:24
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LG Energy Solution‘s ’ InterBattery 2024‘ booth. [Courtesy of LG Energy Solution]
Two of South Korea’s major EV battery manufacturers, LG Energy Solution and SK On, are poised to unveil their latest technological advancements at the upcoming InterBattery 2024, the country’s largest secondary battery exhibition that will take place in COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul from March 6th to 9th, 2024.
LG Energy Solution‘s Pouch Cell-to-Pack. [Courtesy of LG Energy Solution]
LG Energy Solution is showcasing its groundbreaking Pouch Cell-to-Pack (CTP) technology. As the largest exhibitor at the event, the company will dedicate a sizable portion of its exhibition space to highlighting the innovation behind the CTP technology. Pouch CTP eliminates the module assembly step, directly integrating cells into the pack which not only enhances battery energy density but also reduces weight and costs. The CTP developed by LG Energy Solution maintains the lightweight characteristics of pouch-type cells while increasing the pack’s strength and improving thermal stability. By minimizing components and simplifying the manufacturing process, LG Energy Solution has successfully lowered production costs.

For its part, SK On is introducing an upgraded version of its fast-charging (SF) batteries that will enhance convenience in operating for electric vehicle (EV) with swift charging and extended driving ranges.

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