Fashion award celebrates industry pioneers, emerging designers

입력 2023. 12. 8. 14:21
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2023 Korea Fashion Awards [Courtesy of Korea Fashion Industry Association]
The 2023 Korea Fashion Awards, hosted by South Korea’s trade ministry and the fashion industry, honored both established and new designers.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy held the event on Thursday in collaboration with the Korea Fashion Industry Association. The annual event recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the fashion industry, including fashion designers, and sewing experts. With over 200 attendees from the fashion and sewing sectors, the event encompassed three sub-events, including the K-Fashion Audition.

During the event, the ministry handed out government awards, such as the presidential and prime minister citations, to 13 individuals recognized for their notable contributions to advancing the fashion and sewing industries. Lee Jun-seo, vice president of the Fashion Division at Samsung C&T Corp, and Gee Chun-hee, chief executive of Miss G Collection, received the prestigious presidential citation awards.

Lee from Samsung C&T was recognized for exceptional leadership in driving growth for the domestic fashion industry and achieving record sales for the company. Gee, a pioneering fashion designer, was honored for her efforts in enhancing the quality of domestic fashion design and the revival of the industry through her commitment to domestic production.

The top 10 designers from the K-Fashion audition were honored with awards in 2023. Yoon Seok-woon, chief designer from the fashion brand Seokwoon Yoon, secured this year’s top honor—the Presidential Award—by outshining 91 competitors.

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