Aekyung Chemical to promote new TPC production business

2023. 11. 27. 15:57
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[Courtesy of Aekyung Chemical]
South Korea’s Aekyung Chemical Co. has successfully verified a demo plant aimed for local production of TPC, a key material for aramid, and plans to engage in the new business.

Aekyung Chemical announced Friday that it will promote a business that involves the production of TPC, often referred to as a super fiber, which is crucial in the process of aramid production.

The company aims to complete its TPC factory in Ulju County in Ulsan by 2025, with an aim to commence full-scale production from January 2026.

Aramid, known for being lightweight at about one-fifth the weight of steel yet possessing strength over five times greater and capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Celsius, has seen an increasing global demand, particularly in recent times due to its use in 5th generation fiber optic cables and electric vehicle tires.

With no domestic TPC production facilities in Korea, the local petrochemical industry has relied entirely on imports from China and Japan.

Aekyung Chemical embarked on research and development for the localization of TPC production.

Following the completion of pilot production, the company successfully inaugurated a demo plant at the Ulsan facility, achieving quality validation of some prototype products.

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