Young Koreans turn to retro tech devices, accessories

2023. 11. 27. 15:27
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Samsung Anycall [Photo by MK DB]
A wave of nostalgic sentiments from the late 2000s is sweeping through South Korea’s information technology (IT) industry with gadgets and accessories that were popular during that time garnering significant interest among young consumers.

According to sources on Sunday, feature phones commonly used by the elderly, have now become hip items among consumers in their 20s and 30s.

Both online and offline second-hand markets have recently witnessed old-model phones like the Samsung Anycall being traded for tens of thousands of won to even several hundred thousand won.

Unopened Anycall 3D Game Phones are hitting the second-hand market at prices as high as 1 million won ($770). The visibility of celebrities and influencers using feature phones has significantly boosted their popularity.

Moreover, an analysis suggests that some are turning to feature phones as part of a digital detox, seeking a device that focuses on calls and texts, unlike smartphones whose internet access and various app services can be interruptive.

Samsung Electronics’ launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro this month aligns with the market trend.

Inspired by the dual-fold camera phone SGH-E700 released in August 2003, the device encapsulates the nostalgic essence of the Anycall era.

It features pixel graphics reminiscent of the 2000s and retro-style flex windows with dedicated animations.

Additionally, the Mplayer Free, wireless Bluetooth earphones launched in collaboration between Dreamus Company’s lifestyle brand iRiver and Disney, sold out all 7,000 units available for pre-order in just one day, showcasing the fervor for retro-tech in the IT industry.

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