SK telecom cuts mobile payment age limit to 12

2023. 11. 27. 15:15
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[Courtesy of SK telecom]
SK telecom Co. will lower the age limit for mobile payments from 19 to 12 years old starting next month, allowing minors to use delivery apps via phone payments. But age restrictions in in-app purchases will now be in place, which previously did not exist if parental consent was given and from now on, only those aged 12 or above will be allowed to make in-app purchases.

According to sources on Sunday, SK telecom’s mobile payment service will be accessible to those as young as 12 years old from December 4, and the age restriction for in-app purchases, which had been unrestricted, will also be set at 12 years old. Mobile payment services enable users to make payments via mobile phones at both online and offline merchants, and subscribers can access this service by subscribing to the service offered by their mobile carrier. The payment amount is added to the follow month’s phone bill. The maximum monthly spending limit for these transactions is set at 1 million won, or around $767, and users have the option to set the value limit based on their preferences.

Previously, the mobile payment service was restricted to users aged 19 and above. But SK telecom collaborated with the Ministry of Science and ICT to revise these restrictions, lowering the minimum age for service usage. Prior parental consent remains a prerequisite for using these services, and parents can register for the mobile payment service at SK telecom branches on behalf of their children. The mobile carrier has also set the payment limit to a maximum of 100,000 won per month, allowing parents to set even lower limits if desired.

Additionally, opting for the ‘Safe Payment Notification Service’ ensures that guardians receive a text message notifying them of the payment amount each time their children make a mobile payment, adding an extra layer of security.

While SK telecom has relaxed age restrictions for general mobile payments, it has introduced new limits for content purchases. Previously, there were no age limits for content purchases upon parental consent, but those under 12 years old will now be restricted from making such purchases.

In contrast, KT and LG Uplus will maintain their current age limit of 19 years old for mobile payments.

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