MK CES Forum to take place on sidelines of CES 2024 in January 2024

2023. 11. 27. 15:06
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From left Maryam Sabour, Lori Schwartz, Yi Chung, Steve Canepa, Travis Cloyd, and Tami Bhaumik
South Korea’s Maekyung Media Group will host its MK CES Forum 2024 in Las Vegas, the United States, in January 2024. The forum will take place on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a global event for businesses in consumer technology.

The event, which will provide an in-depth perspective on global technology trends, will take place at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel on January 9, under the theme of “The Next Tech Wave: Shaping the Future of Humanity.”

Maekyung Media Group, CES’s official media partner for a seventh consecutive year, has invited leaders from six global tech companies, including IBM Corp., Samsung Display Co., Roblox Corp., and Niantic Inc., to present the latest trends in information technology (IT) sector, such as artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), and the metaverse.

Steve Canepa, General Manager, IBM Global Industries, will take the stage as the speaker for the AI segment, where he will share insights on how generative AI and data platforms will innovate industries.

There will also be a special session on XR technology, which will feature Yi Chung, vice president at Samsung Display, who will introduce display technologies that will lead the XR sector. Yi joined Samsung Electronics in 1992 and worked for various roles, including OLED business and small and medium business.

Travis Cloyd, chief executive of WorldwideXR, will also be on stage as a speaker in the XR segment. A global futurist, Cloyd is a professor at the Thunderbird School of Global Business Management, considered one of the world’s top global business schools.

Maryam Sabour, head of business for the AR headsets group at Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, will present on the evolution of XR and the metaverse. Sabour led projects involving Niantic’s augmented reality (AR) platform Lightship VPS and outdoor AR headset development.

Niantic started as a Google internal venture in 2010 and spun off from Google in 2015. With the global success of Pokemon Go in 2016, Niantic became the company that created the most successful consumer AR application.

Tami Bhaumik, vice president at Roblox, will introduce the evolution of the metaverse. Bhaumik is behind the creation of Roblox’s Digital Civility Initiative. Roblox, a global metaverse and game platform, is highly popular among young users across the world.

Bhaumik joined Roblox in 2016 and is responsible for fostering digital citizenship among metaverse users.

The MK CES Forum will also have a session to summarize the technology trends of CES 2024, featuring a presentation by Lori Schwartz, chief executive officer of StoryTech. Schwartz is known for delivering the most insightful and entertaining explanations of CES tech trends.

To participate in the forum, consumers can visit the Event Us website and search for MK CES Forum 2024 for the application form. As a paid event, the forum includes a dinner at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel.

The hotel is a 10-minute walk from LVCC, the main venue of CES in Las Vegas. CES 2024, taking place from January 9 to 12, is expected to attract over 130,000 visitors.

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