Ihn Yo-han, “Lee Jun-seok lacks morality because of his parents”

Yi Du-ri 2023. 11. 27. 14:29
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“Jun-seok has no morals,” and “It’s not Jun-seok’s fault, but more his parents’ fault,” said Ihn Yo-han (left photo), head of the People Power Party’s innovation committee, at the Innovative Training for Young People and Party Members organized by the party’s Seosan and Taean member council (chaired by lawmaker Sung Il-jong) on November 26 aiming at former party leader Lee Jun-seok (right), who is currently working to establish a new anti-Yoon Suk-yeol party. His words are likely to stir controversy as an attack on the former party leader for lacking morality--even mentioning his parents.

According to the coverage by OhmyNews, in the lecture Sunday, Ihn said, “Jun-seok may not be polite, but we still need to unite and go embrace him.”

“We learn knowledge, wisdom and morals through Korea’s ondol (floor heating) room culture and the seat of honor (warmer part of the room) education, but Junseok has no morals,” he continued, adding, “I don’t think it’s Jun-seok’s fault, but more his parents’ fault.”

Lee Jun-seok immediately refuted. On Sunday, Lee wrote on his social media account, “This is the first time I’ve seen a person attack one’s parents in politics,” and asked, “Are such immoral jokes innovation?”

Ihn and Lee have yet to officially meet, but they have been waging a war of nerves.

When Ihn sat in the audience of Lee’s “talk concert” in Busan on November 4, Lee referred to him as “Mr. Linton” from the stage and spoke in English saying, “You are not qualified to be here today.” Ihn’s English name is John Alderman Linton.

At the time, Lee said to Ihn, “The real patient is in Seoul. Go talk with him,” and referred to President Yoon Suk-yeol as a patient. The following day, in an interview with KBS, Ihn said, “The patient is in Busan, and he is a man with a sick mind,” referring to Lee, who held the event in Busan.

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