Korean solar module producer SDN begins production of 600W floating model

2023. 9. 22. 13:54
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[Courtesy of SDN]
SDN Co., a South Korean producer of solar modules, announced Thursday that it has obtained Korean Industrial Standards (KS) certification and carbon certification for its new floating solar module and launched production.

SDN’s newly-developed floating solar module has a maximum output of 600W per module, with 21.46 percent efficiency. This is the highest performance among KS-certified floating solar products.

It is also the only double-sided glass-type floating solar product in Korea, known for its excellent load-bearing capacity, durability, and resistance to corrosion, especially with the backside of the module finished in glass to prevent saltwater corrosion.

According to SDN, the high-durability KS certification, which requires the use of Pb-free, or lead-free materials, currently leads global standards.

Dual-Glass Bifacial products absorb solar energy simultaneously from both the front and back, producing about 20 percent more power.

With this new product, the company is expected to secure a leading position in the overseas floating solar export market.

“The new product will not only demonstrate the highest efficiency among floating solar modules globally but also contribute to a breakthrough in system technology, including standardizing floating structures, reducing costs, matching with high-efficiency inverters, and integrating with energy storage systems (ESS),” said an SDN official.

With the launch of the 600W floating module, SDN now offers a diverse lineup that includes building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), in addition to its existing land-based solar products.

The company plans to expand market share and brand recognition at home and abroad. SDN is in discussions with a large domestic engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company to supply up to 400 MW per year.

In addition, the company has obtained TUV certification for this new product from the German certification organization TUV this year and is looking to supply its solar modules and systems to many countries in South America, Central Asia, Africa, among others.

At the Korea Environment & Energy Trade Fair 2023 (KEET 2023) held earlier this month, the company also showcased its large-capacity string inverter product line, which boasts high efficiency, low equalization generation cost, and high safety, along with Huawei Korea.

The products are equipped with arc-blocking functions and automatic shutdown switches, which are technologies that the Korean market is focusing on to ensure safety.

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