Kyochon Chicken pilots autonomous robot delivery to Konkuk University

2023. 9. 22. 13:42
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[Courtesy of Kyochon F&B]
Kyochon F&B Co., the operator of South Korean fried-chicken chain Kyochon Chicken, announced Friday that it will conduct a robot delivery pilot service in collaboration with Neubility, a local autonomous robotics company.

Kyochon F&B will use the robots at Kyochon Chicken’s Konkuk University branch until October 30 for deliveries to Konkuk University.

Neubility’s autonomous delivery robot, Neubie, will perform the deliveries.

Orders can be placed through “Neubie Order,” Kyochon Chicken’s ordering system dedicated to robot delivery.

Customers can access the KakaoTalk channel, Neubie Order Konkuk University, and place an order to be delivered to the campus.

Upon receiving the order, Neubie will pick the food up from Kyochon Chicken’s Konkuk branch and deliver it to the delivery location.

Kyochon F&B plans to verify the applicability of autonomous delivery robots first.

“We will prepare for the upcoming autonomous delivery robots era by piloting them before commercialization,” an official from the company said.

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