Sisvel Licenses Microsoft Under Its 5G Multimode Program

입력 2023. 6. 7. 17:17
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LUXEMBOURG -- Businesswire -- Sisvel International S.A. (“Sisvel”) today announced that Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) has entered into a patent license agreement for the Sisvel 5G Multimode (5G MM) Program.

“We are delighted to welcome Microsoft as a licensee of the 5G MM Program. We believe this not only confirms our license offer to be fair and reasonable, but also underlines the merits of the patent portfolio of our partners. We trust that other implementers will soon follow Microsoft’s example,” says Donald Chan, the program manager of the Sisvel 5G MM Program.

Sisvel 5G MM Program offered a single solution to license standard essential patents (SEPs) for the use of 2G, 3G, 4G, and/or 5G standards owned by 15 patent owners. More information, including the terms and conditions of the 5G Program, is available at:

About Sisvel

Sisvel International S.A. is the holding company of the Sisvel Group. Sisvel is a world leader in fostering innovation and managing IP. The group identifies, evaluates, and maximizes the value of IP assets for its partners around the world, providing firms with a revenue stream which can be reinvested in innovation for the generation of future revenues. Sisvel has more than 40 years’ experience in the management of successful patent portfolios, including those relating to audio compression standards (MP3 and MPEG audio), as well as broadcasting and digital terrestrial television standards maintained by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. Currently, Sisvel operates patent pools and joint licensing programs in the fields of mobile communication, wireless local area networking 802.11, video coding, digital video broadcasting.

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