LG CNS, Honeywell to strengthen competitiveness in smart factory business

2023. 6. 7. 10:12
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[Photo provided by LG CNS]
LG CNS Co. announced today that it signed a memorandum of understanding with Honeywell International Inc. of the U.S. to expand their collaboration in building smart factories in South Korea and abroad and strengthen business competitiveness by enhancing operational technology security. They will also combine their proven smart factory platforms and solutions to provide them to companies and build a security integrated monitoring system for smart factories.

The security integrated monitoring system will be equipped with artificial intelligence-based threat detection technology and integrated threat detection and response service. This will allow customers to identify emergency situations such as gas leaks and fires in factories to prevent accidents and respond quickly, the company said.

Honeywell, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has four business areas: factory automation, aerospace, building controls and production solutions. It has been recognized for its business competitiveness by being ranked among the top 100 software companies by Fortune magazine, LG CNS said.

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