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Plastic bag factorys workers rally against government ban of plastic bags in Tunis

epa10668944 Tunisian plastic bag factory workers shout slogans during a rally organized by the Professional Association of Plastic Manufacturers against the decision of the Ministry of the Environment to ban plastic bags in front of the Ministry of the Environment headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia, 02 June 2023. The Professional Association of Plastics Manufacturers called on Tunisian authorities to suspend a government decree prohibiting the production, distribution, and conservation of single-use plastic bags within the country's internal market. According to Oussama Al-Masoudi, a spokesperson for plastic manufacturers, around 80 plastic factories in Tunisia have been in a state of suspension for approximately three months since the government order was implemented. There are around 80 factories in Tunisia that specialize in the manufacture of plastic bags, providing around 3,000 direct and indirect jobs, including 45 production factories affiliated to the Brigade of the Professional Association of Plastic Manufacturers. The signs and banners call in Arabic for 'a dialogue before new decisions' are made by the government to ban single-use plastic. EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

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