Forum highlights Denmark-Korea offshore wind, clean hydrogen cooperation

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Participants of the Denmark-Korea Green Business Forum pose for a photo at the Danish Pavilion at the World Climate Industry Expo on Thursday. From left: 2nd Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Kang Kyung-sung; Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-joon; Danish Ambassador Svend Olling; Prime Minister Han Duck-soo; Jonas Millqvist, the Export and Investment Fund's joint origination chief for Asia and the Pacific region; and Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Chey Tae-won (Danish Embassy in Seoul)

The Denmark-Korea Green Business Forum was held Thursday on the sidelines of the World Climate Industry Expo at Bexco in Busan, highlighting strong partnership between South Korea and Denmark in fields of wind energy and clean hydrogen.

Attending the forum, the Danish Embassy ran a pavilion in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, and 10 other Danish companies.

"This participation signifies the deepening ties and growing cooperation between Denmark and Korea," Danish Ambassador Svend Olling said.

The Denmark-Korea Green Business Forum was intended at bolstering bilateral cooperation on the Korean government's goals of reaching 14.3 GW of offshore wind power generation capacity and a clean hydrogen market size of 30 trillion won by 2030, the embassy said in a press statement.

At the forum, Orsted, a Danish multinational renewable energy company, and Korea's LS Cable & System signed a submarine cable supply contract.

During the sessions of the forum, experts and representatives from both Denmark and Korea shared insights and experiences related to green transition frameworks. The Korea Energy Agency shed light on the current regulatory framework and sector coupling in the offshore wind sector, while the Danish Energy Agency presented the history and progress of the political agreement for the green transition in Denmark.

Energinet, Denmark's national electricity grid operator, shared its expertise in planning and operating the grid for the integration of renewable energy.

The forum concluded with panel discussions addressing topics for the development of offshore wind farms in Korea.

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