Eight contemporary Korean dance groups to perform in New York

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“Sedarim” by Jubin Company (Ok Sang-hoon/Jubin Company)

Eight Korean dance groups have been invited by the American dance company the Bang Group to perform in New York next month.

Titled “All of Seoul,” the event will be held at Arts on Site Studio 3R, in Manhattan, on June 15-16. The Bang Group, established in 1995, is a contemporary theatrical dance troupe. The company is hosting a performance series for the first time this year, and has invited Korean dancers for a program dedicated to Korean contemporary dance.

On June 15, Unplugged Bodies led by contemporary dancer Kim Kyoung-shin will perform “Homo Lupiens,” which is the final piece in the “Homo” trilogy, portraying a human who desires to become a god.

Jubin Company's performance titled “Sedarim” is inspired by Jeju’s traditional shamanistic ritual that paves the way for a god to arrive. The dancers will perform to a traditional rhythm.

“The Rubbing Sound” by Kim Yelim Dance Project expresses everyday sounds through movement, while “Dream of Ladybug” by AHA Movement embodies the struggles to survive in a big city.

“Dream of Ladybug” by AHA Movement (Arko & Daehakro Arts Theater)

On June 16, two productions -- Yang Seungkwan Dance Project’s “Sole” and BK Dance Project’s “Type R” -- will premiere at the festival.

“Taking Care of Me” by RAT Dance is a work that contemplates the journey of human beings as they navigate toward death. The dance focuses on the emotions surrounding death and expresses them through a flow of consciousness.

Hoo Dance Company will perform “Elegant Universe” choreographed by Yoo Sun-hoo. The omnibus repertoire showcases creative dance pieces incorporating motifs from traditional dances. In particular, “Wild Flower” draws inspiration from Jo Gap-nyeo-style "salpuri," a type of shamanistic dance.

Tickets to the performances are $30 each.

By Hwang Dong-hee(hwangdh@heraldcorp.com)

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