Alaska-Cold War Shootdown

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This photo shows Bruce Boolowon in his Alaska National Guard uniform sometime in the 1960s, taken in his hometown of Gambell, Alaska. Boolowon is the last survivor of 14 Alaska National Guard First Scouts members who helped rescue 11 crewmen on a U.S. Navy plane that crash landed on Alaska's St. Lawrence Island after being shot down by Soviet jet fighters in 1955. Boolowon and the families of the other 13 will be presented Alaska Heroism Medals 67 years after the rescue. (Bruce Boolowon via AP) AP PROVIDES ACCESS TO THIS THIRD PARTY PHOTO SOLELY TO ILLUSTRATE NEWS REPORTING OR COMMENTARY ON FACTS DEPICTED IN IMAGE; MUST BE USED WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM TRANSMISSION; NO ARCHIVING; NO LICENSING; MANDATORY CREDIT

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