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Family house of Lebanese singer Fayrouz suffers neglect despite plans for renovation

epa10530119 An external view at the family house of the famous Lebanese singer Fayrouz in the Zaqak Al Blat area in Beirut, Lebanon, 18 March 2023. The family house where famous Lebanese singer Fayrouz spent her childhood is in very poor condition despite plans of renovating the house and turning it into a museum. The two-story house, characterized by red-tiled roof, is located in the Beirut neighborhood of the Zaqak Al Blat area near the center of the Lebanese capital which was historically famous for its aristocratic character and palaces with tiled roofs. The municipality of Beirut initially announced in 2013 taking over the house to turn it into a museum to honor Fairouz's career and achievements, however the plans had since then been stalled. Fayrouz, whose real name is Nouhad Haddad, was born in 1935. EPA/WAEL HAMZEH ATTENTION: This Image is part of a PHOTO SET

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