Jobis & Villains sets up British office aiming to be global tax AI startup

2023. 3. 17. 13:57
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Jobis & Villains‘ IR(Investor Relations) at 2023 London Conference [Photo provided by Jobis & Villains]
Jobis & Villains, a Korean cloud-based tax and accounting management platform, said Friday that it established an office in London, with the goal of launching services to help U.K. citizens file tax returns and refunds from April next year. The company, which operates Samjeomsam, a service that helps individuals file tax returns and refunds in Korea, was selected for the U.K. government’s Global Entrepreneur Program in November last year, the first in the world in the field of tax. The cumulative amount of unclaimed tax refunds in the U.K. is 20 billion pounds ($24.3 billion), according to the company.

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