Korea to begin commercial drone delivery service later this year

2023. 3. 17. 12:51
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[Photo by Kim Ho-young]
Jeju Island will become the first region in South Korea to offer a paid drone delivery service in the second half of this year, which will be followed by 14 others that have been designated by the government to conduct pilot projects this year.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said on Thursday that commercial delivery services using unmanned aerial vehicles will begin as pilot projects in the latter half of the year starting with 15 regions across the country.

They include Seoul, Incheon, Ulsan, Seongnam, Yeongwol, and Jeju Island. Each regional government will receive support from the central government depending on the project size and details of the flying delivery service in each area.

The ministry plans to gradually expand the regions to allow commercial drone services at urban parks and rural areas and islands.

“We plan to develop the commercial drone delivery service into a sustainable business that is safe and effective,” said an unnamed official from the ministry.

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