Miley Cyrus 'Flowers' BILLBOARD Chart took 1st place

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Upcoming 10th, the regular 8th album 'Endless Summer Vacation'
Within Adele-Harry Style-Weekend worldly famous singers 

[MHNSports Saeli Jin reporter] Just in a week, Miley album recorded view rate of billion times. Sweden Music Streaming site Spotify, determined the historical maximum streaming track that made a record. 

The main character is MILEY CYRUS. 

The new single 'Flowers', was released and at the same time and became Billboard Chart 1st, British UK single chart, taking the first Miley Cyrus record in the 2-week consecutive single chart. 

This single was not only in America but also in Britain, Australia New Zealand worldwide six distinctive nation, taking the first place, made the Greatest record throughout Spotify history for seven days, and made the streaming track, just in 7 days could renew surpassing accumulated billion views and recorded streaming. 

On the other hand, with the release at the same time, the opened Music Videos recently recorded more than 140 billion. 

Miley Cyrus summing six times Billboard and the album took first place throughout the album chart, collected the streaming more than 123 billion times, Grammy Awards Nomination, was complimented.

Upcoming 10th, from the released album, the regular 8th album [Endless Summer Vacation], is from Adele, Harry Styles, and The Weekend as the global pop star within producer JIN worded together, Miley Cyrus also through this album made the audience feel excited through 'Love letter for LA'. 

You can enjoy Miley Cyrus with the new single 'Flowers', from the domestic music streaming service. 



[Photo Provided by Sony Music, Miley Cyrus 'Flowers']  

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