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Sri Lankans struggle to get out of the crisis-hit country

epa10452161 People wait to get their passports inside the Department of Immigration and Emigration amid the country's worst economic crisis, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 07 February 2023. Sri Lanka has been thrown into an economic crisis, the worst in over seven decades, with goods prices increasing by at least threefold. According to the Sri Lankan Central Bank, inflation in December 2022 was 59.2 percent, with food inflation at 59.3 percent. Meanwhile, according to data from the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, the highest number ever, more than 300,000 people with safe jobs abroad left the country in 2022. Overseas migration for employment has typically ranged from 200,000 to 225,000 per year. EPA/CHAMILA KARUNARATHNE

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