GM Korea introduces Sierra pickup truck to Korean market

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GM Korea introduced its Sierra pickup truck Tuesday, the first model released in the Korean market under its premium GMC brand.
GM Korea President Roberto Rempel speaks during a release event of the Sierra Denali pickup truck Tuesday in southern Seoul. [GM KOREA]

GM Korea introduced its Sierra pickup truck Tuesday, the first model released in the Korean market under its premium GMC brand.

The five-seater full-size truck is available in the Denali version, the most expensive version, in Korea, to target lovers of the outdoors.

“A full-size pickup truck is somewhat new in Korea, and we want GMC to be the first, the brand that has a 120-year history,” GM Korea President Roberto Rempel said during a release event Tuesday.

“Through the releases of Chevrolet’s Colorado pickup and Tahoe full-size SUV, we confirmed that Korea is a high potential market in terms of large-size pickup,” Rempel added.

Established in 1902, GMC is GM's premium SUV and pickup truck brand. GM sells vehicles under four brands, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC, globally. All except Buick are currently available in Korea.

Sierra Denali pickup truck, the first model released in the Korean market under the premium GMC brand. [GM KOREA]

Measuring 5,890 millimeters (232 inches) long, 2,065 millimeters wide and 1,950 millimeters in height, the truck can haul up to 3,945 kilograms.

The latest GMC Sierra Denali comes with a 6.2-liter gasoline engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission. It can generate a maximum of 426 horsepower and 63.6 kilograms-meter of torque.

It offers legroom of 1,102 millimeters in the backseat, which GM Korea says is enough to provide a comfortable space equivalent to that of the front seats. A lack of legroom in the backseat has been considered one of the most disadvantageous factors of pickups.

It also comes with four cameras that offer real-time 360-degree monitoring.

Five exterior colors are available including black, red and grey, with two different options for interior colors.

Rempel didn’t specify the sales target of the truck, but said the company hopes to reach a similar level to the Colorado pickup. A total of 2,848 Colorados were sold in Korea last year, taking up 72 percent of the imported pickup market.

Sierra's sticker price starts from 93.3 million won ($74,230).

The Sierra Denali truck is one of six new vehicles GM Korea plans to introduce in Korea this year, aiming to make a turnaround after years of losses.

The automaker has been reporting net losses for eight consecutive years since 2014.

The earning figure for 2022 has not been disclosed, but it sold a total of 264,875 vehicles last year, up 11.7 percent compared to the previous year.


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