Daeyu aims to achieve $79.68 million in sales with its new fertilizer plant

2023. 2. 7. 13:24
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Daeyu fertilizer plant in Goesan, North Chungcheong Province [Photo by Yang Yeon-ho]
Daeyu Co. aims to expand sales and advance into overseas markets as it started operations of its new fertilizer plant equipped with advanced automation facilities.

Daeyu Monday said that its third plant dubbed Goesan Smart Campus in Goesan, North Chungcheong Province, which was completed in November last year, has gone into full-scale operation after a test run. The Goesan plant has twice the production capacity of its existing Gyeongsan plant in North Gyeongsang Province. The new campus is the largest production facility in the domestic market. The company said it aims to achieve sales of 100 billion won ($79.68 million) in the future. Daeyu is dedicated to the development and marketing foliar spray and fertigation fertilizers.

Daeyu signed a contract with Nongshim Engineering Co. to build the plant in Goesan in September 2021, and started construction in October in the same year. Daeyu has invested a total of 23.3 billion won in the premise which houses a three-story building with a total floor area of 13,814 square meters. The new plant consists sections to handle raw materials, production, finished product and office.

The raw materials section, where about 500 raw materials such as solid and liquid fertilizers are stored, is about 2,480 square meters, the largest in the Daeje Industrial Complex in the province. Raw materials stored here are moved to the third floor of the adjacent production building for moisture drying. Fertilizer raw materials that contain moisture should be dried to improve quality.

The dried fertilizer is stored in a storage tank located on the second floor after going through a dissolving and grinding process. After being cooled for a certain period, it is moved back to the storage on the first floor, where it is packaged and becomes a finished product. The introduction of high-efficiency production facilities such as coolers made the process speed nearly four times faster than before, according to the company.

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