Cheil Worldwide sets up new entity in Morocco for business expansion in emerging

2023. 2. 7. 11:45
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Cheil Worldwide CI [Image source: Cheil Worldwide]
South Korea’s top ad house Cheil Worldwide Inc. has set up a new entity in Morocco to expand business in emerging markets in the Maghreb region.

The corporation based in Casablanca, Morocco, is Cheil Worldwide’s 10th regional base in the Middle East and Africa. The ad company opened its first regional base in Dubai in 1996 and added more in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

The new Maghreb entity that began operations in January will allow Cheil Worldwide to enhance network in MENA, or countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The establishment comes as the company has seen a growth in demand for digital marketing in the Maghreb region.

The ad market of three countries in the region – Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, has seen explosive growth recently in line with an increase in the number of internet users, the company said.

The new entity will focus on retail and digital services in Morocco and expand to other parts in Tunisia and Algeria.

“All networks in the Middle East and Africa including the Maghreb entity will work together to provide the best solutions to advertisers,” said Chung Yu-seok, director at Cheil Worldwide.

Cheil Worldwide currently has 54 bases including corporations and branches in 46 countries.

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