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Veterinarian helps pets survive in war-torn Yemen

epa10448423 Yemeni man Adeeb Saleh carries his cat for treatment at 'Vet for Pet' clinic in Sanaa, Yemen 02 February 2023 (issued 05 February 2023). In the nearly eight years war-torn Yemen where millions of people are in the brink of famine, it's considered a luxury and few are able to keep at least a pet. Murad Jamal, 29, with a degree in business administration, turned vet due to his love for animals and opened his 'Vet for Pet' clinic in Sanaa. The Yemeni veterinarian has been in business by treating and taking care of dogs, cats, birds, river turtles, ornamental fish, hedgehogs and others for nearly 11 years, but after many foreigners who were working for embassies and organizations in Sanaa fled the war along with their pets, he struggles to keep his small veterinary clinic afloat. The country is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world with some 21.6 million people out of its 30-million population requiring humanitarian and protection assistance in 2023, according to estimates by UN relief agencies. EPA/YAHYA ARHAB

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